Grand Slam award for safe shipping of Sulfuric Acid

posted: 21/08/2019

In August 2019, Norfalco was named as a recipient of the 2018 Association of American Railroad's, Grand Slam award for safe shipping of Sulfuric Acid. This prestigious award is bestowed to shippers of hazardous materials who achieve a Zero NAR (Non Accidental Release) record, with a minimum of four Class One railways within a calendar year. In 2018 Norfalco not only met the minimum requirement for this award but has surpassed it by recording Zero NAR's with six Class One Railroads and winning all six Safe Shipping Awards in the process.

We at Norfalco are very proud of the recognition from the AAR and of the resolute commitment to safety that it represents. We continue to approach every Sulfuric Acid shipment with same high standard of safety and care that we have come to be known for over nearly two decades among our customers throughout North America.

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