Emergency procedures


​In the event of a spill involving sulfuric acid supplied by NorFalco, please call the appropriate NorFalco 24-hour emergency response telephone numbers as found on the bill of lading immediately.

In the United States

the number is CHEMTREC 1-800-424-9300

In Canada

the number is 1-877-377-2243

NorFalco has one of North America's largest acid emergency response networks with trained advisors and four emergency response teams. 

General Procedures

In the event of a small spill, contain and neutralize the acid with soda ash, or lime. Then, from a safe distance, an experienced operator can dilute it using large quantities of water. Since the area will become slippery, care should be taken.

Know the legal notification requirements that apply to your site or business.

Larger spills should be contained and appropriate action taken. Clean-up and disposal should be carried out by experienced personnel or a qualified contractor. For containment and clean-up advice, you may call the NorFalco emergency response team at the phone numbers above. Ensure all response and remediation is done in compliance with applicable regulations.

Always refer to the Safety Data Sheet for details on the safe handling of sulfuric acid. Every company involved in the handling of sulfuric acid should develop its own emergency measures plan, which includes posting important contacts and phone numbers at key locations in the plant, and in training and operating manuals.

Neutralization graph

To download the neutralization graph click on the link bleow. 

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