Tank trucks

The sulfuric acid marketed and distributed by NorFalco is transported either by tank truck, tank car or vessel. Only personnel who are properly trained in safety requirements and handling procedures appropriate to their duties should be allowed to handle this product.

Tank trucks are normally constructed of stainless steel and designed to hold 25 to 40 short tons of sulfuric acid. Insulated tank trucks may be required, depending on the strength of the product. Trucks are loaded through an open fill hole on top. Trucks can be unloaded from the top if equipped with eduction pipes ("downpipes"), or from the bottom, using 30 psi max air pressure. Some trucks are equipped with a portable air compressor and air hose for self-unloading. Trucks can also be unloaded using gravity feed and pumps.

Appropriate individual company procedures and applicable government requirements, including Transport Canada or U.S. Department of Transportation hazardous materials regulations, must be followed at all times. The same holds true for empty sulfuric acid tank cars or tank trucks being returned to the shipper since they may contain residue.

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