Tank cars

NorFalco uses top-discharge tank cars for rail shipments.

All tank cars are non-pressure or general service cars, with Specification DOT or TC 111 A 100 W2 stencilled on the sides. DOT or TC represents the approving authority (either the U.S. Department of Transportation or Transport Canada). The 111 indicates that it is a non-pressure or general service tank car (service test pressure of less than 100 psi). The 100 refers to the tank test pressure and the W2 indicates welded carbon steel, bottom outlet prohibited.

Cars used by NorFalco have a capacity of 100 short tons and are constructed of fusion-welded steel. They have a baked phenolic interior coating to maintain product quality and protect the interior of the railcar against corrosion. Tank cars used for shipping 93% acid do not need to be insulated. Tank cars used for shipping 96%, 98% and 99% acid are usually insulated and can be steam coiled for winter service

Acid tank cars

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