Emergency procedures

First aid

A manual covering first aid measures specific to sulfuric acid is available on request from NorFalco. Every safety step, properly followed, reduces the chance and effect of even minor accidents. However, here are some procedures to follow should an incident occur.

Safety Showers and Eye Wash Stations

Safety showers and eye wash stations with alarms must be located wherever acid is being handled, and must be checked daily.

Safety showers must be located within a 10 second unobstructed walk on the same level as the hazard. Safety showers must be supplied with tepid water (25 to 33 degree C / 78 to 92 degree F) and provide a minimum 15 minutes of 20 USGPM flow rate to meet OSHA standards. If the possibility of freezing exists, freeze protection must be provided.

If the loading or unloading area has two levels, a safety station must be located on each level. Showers should also be located in nearby buildings, so that one is always accessible if a spill makes others unusable. Daily testing ensures correct operation and appropriate water temperature. Water should be tepid because an accident victim will have to stay under the shower for at least 15 minutes. An alarm, triggered automatically by the use of the shower or eye wash station, is a signal for co-workers to immediately provide assistance.

More information

For more information on shower/eyewash design and location, please contact NorFalco.
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