Tank car fittings

​Top fittings on tank cars may vary in design and position. NorFalco cars have either conventional acid car top fittings or a new, low-profile design.

Low-Profile Top Fittings

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact your NorFalco representative.

Conventional Top Fittings

Conventional Top Fittings include:

  • A hinged fill hole and cover with a gasket seal.
  • A 3" discharge (eduction pipe) closed with a pipe cap.
  • A 1" air connection and pressure release valve.
  • A safety vent assembly containing a rupture disc to protect the tank from excessive pressure (typically adjacent to fill hole). A surge arrestor or hydro damp under the safety vent assembly reduces the internal surge pressures at the safety relief device interface.
  • A gauge bar mounted inside the fill hole nozzle to gauge level when loading car.
  • Please note that on some of the NorFalco tank cars, pressure relief valves (PRV) are installed. Such assembly are equipped with a spring loaded mechanism that would open in the event of high pressure and are not equipped with rupture disc.

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