The safe handling of large volumes of sulfuric acid is a tribute to the professionalism of operators and the conscientious use of personal safety equipment. Every operator must be fully trained in the use of personal safety equipment.

  • Body protection suits come in a variety of forms. The choice is governed by each particular operation.
  • Prior to suiting up, the suit and "acid designated" gloves and boots should be checked for holes. Gloves can be checked by immersing them in water. Gloves should be loose enough to be easily removed in case acid enters them. To help prevent this, sleeves should be worn outside the gloves.
  • Trouser cuffs should be worn outside the boots to prevent acid from draining into them.
  • Hard hats should be worn to protect the scalp.
  • For eye and face protection, a full-face shield with safety goggles must be worn. Requirement details vary by facility and work being performed. However, it is essential that eye protection is provided from all angles because the first reflex if splashed is to turn the head side to side. If desired, a full acid hood can be worn for additional protection. Although not a requirement, a hood is considered a "best practice" as it will provide additional splash protection but each site should evaluate its own risks, taking into consideration local environmental conditions to determine if a hood is appropriate for them.

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