Regional Safety and Technical Seminars

NorFalco is proud to host a number of regional safety and technical seminars each year. These sessions provide in-depth education on distribution, handling, properties, technology, safety and business conditions related to sulfuric acid. The sessions are offered free of charge to NorFalco customers and distribution partners.

On-Line Training from NorFalco!

NorFalco is pleased to offer an "On-Line" training system. This capability is another initiative in Delivering More than H2SO4.

The system provides quick and easy access to information on safe handling, equipment design and regulatory training for sulfuric acid use and transportation, all in an easy to use video and narrative format via our web-site.

We urge all our customers, service providers and other distribution stakeholders to plug-in and take advantage of this NorFalco offering.

Online training

To connect, simply click on the link below and complete the registration details.

More information

For additional information about the Online Training on acid properties, safe handling and emergencies, please click on the link below.