​In concert with Glencore's mission, values and beliefs NorFalco is committed to being a recognized leader in the safe distribution of sulfuric acid. 

The following statement was developed to frame NorFalco's commitment, and provide guidance for the performance we expect from ourselves:

"NorFalco will be a recognized industry leader in the safe and environmentally sound distribution of Sulfuric Acid. This leadership will work with and support the sulfuric acid business and provide a key benefit to our shareholders, customers and other stakeholders."

As a member of the Chemistry Industry Association of Canada (CIAC), NorFalco is committed to meeting and exceeding the requirements of Responsible Care®.

This commitment requires the responsible management of chemicals by minimizing risk to employees, customers, the public and the environment. The Responsible Care ® ethic is evident throughout every phase of NorFalco's distribution system, where strict safeguards and established practices are in place. Compliance with Responsible Care® is re-verified every three years by advocates and chemical industry experts.

NorFalco successfully completes Responsible Care Re-Verification

NorFalco was re-verified in accordance with the Chemical Industry Association of Canada (CIAC) Responsible Care principles in December 2017. The verifiers identified three  Successful Practices (SP):

  1. Anti-bribery and Anti-corruption clauses into the rail carrier agreement is a successful practice.
  2. Based on a variety of supporting evidence, the verification team considers the team approach and the expertise within, to promote innovation of new railcar equipment, to be a successful practice.
  3. The achievement of AAR Grand Slam Award (2015) is a successful practice. The recipient of this award must have been recognized by at least four Class I railroads and have had zero non-accident releases (NARs) involving their shipments the previous calendar year.

Delivering More than H2SO4

As part of our commitment to being responsible, NorFalco emphasizes reliable supply, high product quality, specialized customer service and safety.

Our Product Stewardship processes include:

  • Pre-delivery safety checks and assistance
  • Rigorous carrier and terminal qualification and management training
  • Industry-leading tank car design and quality
  • Customer outreach and proactive technical visits
  • On-Line Product and Safety Training – available from anywhere anytime
  • On-site safety and technical training sessions
  • Best practice safety, handling and technical reference materials
  • Extensive emergency response system
  • Regional safety and technical seminars


To view the 2017 Responsible Care re-verification report, click on the link below.